Frequently Asked Questions

We work with most commonly used document types, .docx and .doc (MS Word documents), .odt (Open Document Text files), and .txt files.

In a case your file is not in the above mentioned file formats we suggest you to simply create a MS Word document and copy paste the contents of the file.

And if you still need help, please Contact Us via chat, telephone or e-mail.

SwiftPlag can check for plagiarism for almost all languages except the languages which are pictogram-based such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

All your payments are processed via the globally respected payment gateways Stripe and PayPal. To ensure the security of your transactions, Stripe and PayPal use industry standard data encryption to protect all your information. Payments made using their systems are guaranteed to be safe.

Yes, most universities allow students to use Plagiarism Check Services, some universities even encourage students to get the document checked for Plagiarism before submission.

It's really simple! To begin, click on View Pricing and Order Now

Click "Upload Document" and select the document for which you want to generate a plagiarism check report. You will now get a price quote.

Create a new SwiftPlag account or Sign In with your existing account.

You can now make the payment using your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. After this, you will see the payment confirmation and job summary.

Access your plagiarism check report from the My Jobs page in your Account.

When your report is available for access, we will also send you an email notification. Sign In at any time to view the status of your order!

Report generation for your document will start immediately after the payment is complete.

And depending on the number of words in your document, it will be generated within 1 minute to 1 hour (occasional cases).

You will be intimated by email when the report is ready to be accessed, and you can also check the status of your document on the My Jobs page.

Because free plagiarism checkers don’t have partnerships with institutions which have access to journals and books they simply compare the document with very few sources.

SwiftPlag on the other hand has partnership with prestigious journals and other organisations which facilitates it an access to millions of documents.

At SwiftPlag we also invest a lot of resources in making the world’s most intelligent plagiarism checker by working with scientists and leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

No, your document will never become part of a public database. We care about the privacy of our customer’s data as if it is our own. So you never have to worry about privacy when you are using SwiftPlag.

SwiftPlag has a partnership with prestigious journals and other publishers which facilitate SwiftPlag access to billions of pages.

And at SwiftPlag, we also invest a lot of resources in making the world’s most intelligent plagiarism checker by working with Data Scientists and leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Free plagiarism checkers, on the other hand, compare your documents only with a handful of resources and few websites.

PlagScan is one of the providers of plagiarism scan services to SwiftPlag.

We work with industry-leading plagiarism check providers to ensure the accuracy of our plagiarism check.